Week Fifteen of the 2012 Legislative Session

May 4, 2012

This Week at the Capitol

This week, we thought the 2012 legislative session would come to a close on Monday. But, with no decision made on the Vikings stadium, the bonding bill, and the business tax relief bill, session did NOT end on Monday. We have just a few more days left and hope that the legislators will still come through in the end and pass a bonding bill that includes housing!

It looks like the bonding bill will be heard on Monday. The latest version (as of May 3) includes $30 million for housing infrastructure bonds to be spent on foreclosure remediation, supportive housing and preservation of existing affordable housing as well as $5.5 million in GO bonds for public housing renovations. We are still not sure if there are enough votes to pass or whether Governor Dayton will approve the bill if it does pass, so please be sure to contact your legislators as well as the leaders from both parties to let them know you care about housing! You can find all of their contact information in our most recent blog post.

As always, stay connected to the most up to date news on Twitter by following: #mnleg (for general legislative updates, including the vote on the Vikings stadium) and #bond4housing (this will be specific to housing).

Are you planning on visiting the Capitol on Monday? Do you think we’ll see a bonding bill on Monday? What do you think will happen with the Vikings Stadium?

-Rose Teng, MCCD Policy Analysis & Research Coordinator