Week Eleven of the 2012 Legislative Session


This Week at the Capitol

This week was a flurry of activity. A number of MCCD members and partners took the time this week to come to the Capital and “Speed Lobby” lawmakers. Our goal was to help remind lawmakers why they need to pass a bonding bill this session and why that bonding bill needs to include housing.  There are still lawmakers who are saying that there may be no bonding bill this session, so we have been compelled to push lawmakers a bit and remind them of the important projects that will get left unfunded if they don’t pass a bonding bill.

Lawmakers have been particularly motivated by a number of innovative projects that could potentially receive bonding funding including; Lutheran Social Services’ project for homeless youth in Duluth, and CommonBond and Sand Companies two projects serving veterans at Fort Snelling and in St. Cloud on the VA Campus. The funding priorities of the housing portion of the bonding bill haven’t changed, but these stories seem to resonate well with many lawmakers at this time. It is fortunate that a number of our lawmakers are veterans and understand how important it is that we have supportive housing for those veterans who are struggling.  CommonBond staff reminded lawmakers and me this week that on any given night there are 13,100 homeless Minnesotans, 700 of which are veterans.

We are also getting ready for our last big push at the Capitol with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity‘s Day on the Hill on April 17. This date is shaping up to be a key time when we believe lawmakers will be hammering out the final bonding bill. This day is shaping up to be an exciting opportunity to rally around bonding and housing and to help advocate with lawmakers – and the event isn’t limited just to those affiliated with Habitat.

The Day on the Hill will include a short briefing, a march, a rally in the Rotunda and time meeting with lawmakers. There is a good chance that the Governor will speak at the rally as well as a number of key legislators (including those who are negotiating the bonding bill). Registration is free and includes lunch. Please consider joining us!

To conclude, we leave you with another video of Bill Ding:


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