This Week at the Capitol: Week 23 of the 2013 Legislative Session


When you see this:

And this:

You know that the end of session is right around the corner (along with the end of the school year). At this point in session everything we are working on is tucked into omnibus appropriations bills or tucked into the not-yet- revealed bonding bill.  Advocates, lawmakers and staff are working almost around the clock to get the work of the legislature done.  It ends up being a whole lot of waiting and then a whole lot of panicking and negotiating on the final bills.

As of writing this post, we are still waiting to find out how much the legislature is going to increase revenues to the state, and then how much each committee that oversees the budgets for our bills is prepared to spend on the programs we care about.  We are also still working out some of the fine details on policy language, negotiating between all of those effected to come to a resolution. Stay tuned to hear how things unfold.

-Darielle Dannen, Public Policy Director